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Videoplus Transcription Services is a Transcription Company based in Toronto Ontario, Canada, providing rapid and of superior quality video and audio transcriptions that are unfailing for the end user. We can accept tapes at our location or provide a quick and hassle free way of online file submission and deliver verbatim content. Working from any ordinary tape or digital format, our group of exceedingly skilled transcriptionists will translate sound to text in the shortest timeframes possible.

Each transcription is routed to transcriptionists based on his/her area of expertise. Our transcriptionists use high-tech transcription equipment and digital dictionary databases to ensure truthfulness. Each year our transcriptionists undergo mandated preparation to update their skills. At the last part of the transcription, the document is released to the Editor.

Our editors review the transcription for correctness and comprehensiveness. Any inaccuracies or omissions from transcriptionists are corrected at this time. In order to preserve our high exactness level each transcription is cross-verified by an experienced proof reader. Our proof readers have at least 5 years of experience in transcription and quality management.

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GUARANTEED 98%-100% Accuracy
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